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The manual therapy uses primarily hand-on active and passive intervention techniques and includes mobilization and manipulation. It is most effective when combined with therapeutic exercise and other rehabilitative activities.

Manual Therapy could include a joint manipulation. Most people think of that as a crack or a pop or snap in a spine or a joint like an ankle, for example. It could also mean something as simple as a muscle stretch. The facilitation of a muscle for a contractile or neurological re-education effect is also manual therapy.

Who will benefit?

Individuals with a variety of disabilities and orthopedic conditions that result in disorders of the moving parts of the body can benefit from manual Physiotherapy. In fact, there is high-quality research evidence supporting the use of manual Physiotherapy in the following conditions: acute and chronic low-back and neck pain, muscle-tension headaches, hip and knee osteoarthritis, and shoulder pain. In many cases, manual therapy combined with therapeutic exercise can produce rapid pain relief and improvement in function.



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