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Our classes are infused with passion, wisdom and gentleness, offering expert Physiotherapy and Yoga guidance which makes it authentic and inspirational.

While becoming more and more relaxed, strong and flexible, you will be learning about labour and birth. You will get all the calming and relaxing benefits of Yoga which takes you to the deep well of stillness inside where you can connect with the instinctual knowledge that will guide you through birth.

Over the weeks this has a transformative effect, reducing fear and anxiety, making you calmer and more comfortable – able to take yourself into a deep state of relaxation at any time you need to, through the art of breathing. This is not only a wonderful way to prepare for birth and mothering, but it is also a life-changing skill.

One can start any time after 13 weeks.

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Home Prenatal Yoga Classes

Private antenatal/prenatal yoga classes are individually designed to address your specific needs and concerns in order to find more comfort and enjoyment during your pregnancy. Caring by nature, We work 1-to-1 with mommies-to-be and has the knowledge, experience and compassion to offer you the greatest support throughout each stage of pregnancy.


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Our Cancellation and refund policy

Once booked classes are non-refundable or transferable. Please do not request a refund or transfer if you are unwell or unexpectedly unable to attend.

The only exception is in extenuating circumstances such as admission to hospital or baby being born early, in which case you need to let us know without delay by emailing If you have an unpredictable work schedule it is better to book single classes than a discounted block. 

Thank you for your co-operation. We appreciate that you don’t ask us to make exceptions. This policy was created with your best interests in mind and to make the system manageable for us and class numbers consistent.

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