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Breastfeeding or Lactation Support

The support & knowledge you need

Breastfeeding, while instinctual and natural, doesn’t always run smoothly for everyone. Our Lactation support services during pregnancy ensures that you feel equipped with knowledge, tools, and confidence before your baby arrives. A good and early breastfeeding start is half the job done. We also want you to feel supported if you are experiencing feeding challenges after your little one is born. We can help BEFORE or AFTER baby arrives

Prenatal Support
During your Prenatal breastfeeding education class, we will cover all the information to get you start your breastfeeding journery as early as during prenatal period. We will talk about breastfeeding basics including how milk production works, latching, common challenges and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk. Your personal history and any major questions or concerns will also be discussed.

The Antenatal Lactation classes will cover a number of helpful and important areas;

  • Learn about the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mum and baby
  • Hormones and how they work for breastfeeding
  • Positioning and attachment
  • Importance of Skin to skin contact
  • How to know when your baby is getting enough
  • Hunger/Feeding cues
  • Milk Expression
  • Along with a chance to ask questions.

Postnatal support
At your private postnatal support session we will discuss the breastfeeding concerns that you are working through, go over a brief history of you and your infant, your birth story, observe a feeding, and create a plan to ensure things move in the right direction for you. We will talk about how to promote milk flow and supply if those are concerns you are working through.


Mothers naturally produce breast milk shortly after giving birth, but the art of latching the baby onto the breast is learned. Our classes are taught in such a way and provide clear, accurate breastfeeding information for the “soon-to-be” new mother. These are typically taken prenatally. For support with immediate breastfeeding issues, please contact us to schedule an appointment.


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